THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV BLUES – Luca De Aliprandini failed to defend the eighth place in the first heat and finished 17th, the best of the Azzurri eventually Riccardo Tonetti, 14 °, 2 “by 69 Kristoffersen. Twenty to 3 “24 Moelgg. Gasport

February 21, 2019 – Milano When a coach prepares a game, studying the opponents, their tendencies, how to block the star rival, how to get the most from her in certain situations. You never ever think that can decide the match is … a stuffed animal. Instead it is precisely what happened in the match on Wednesday night in Athens between Georgia and Mississippi State University.

The plush  “offending” The plushies “indicted” bulldogs – After Tyree Crump had tied it at 67 with 10 share “to play at 5/10 from the siren a foul Jordan Harris sent to the line Quinndary Weatherspoon guests (both universities lead the Bulldogs nickname). While the wing of Mississppi State failed the first free, it rained from the stands in the field a little bulldog bear. The referees assigned a technical foul in Georgia.

Weatherspoon slipped the free throw victory, then failing the last deliberately, not to leave time to the team coach Tom Crean of the throw from the bottom and a desperation shot. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV “I thought that at least they gave us a warning before a technical whiz – said losing coach – It had never happened to such a thing.

They did not even give me an explanation. ” “It ‘been a fundamental call – has instead said Ben Howland, technical Mississippi State – Who knows, Quindarry could be wrong, and the second would have gone to the additional”. The author of the launch has not been identified. Gasport

October 29, 2018 – Milan Gianmarco Tamberi The best Italian athletics finds himself these days Giulio Onesti sports center in Rome to define the planning of the 2019 season, based on Euroindoor Glasgow (1 to 3 March) and especially on the Doha World (September 27-October 6). It discusses training sites, technical projects, federal grants. Philip Tortu “will taste” the year with the indoor, but no Europeans.

He really wants to get back to racing, especially in the 200 meters. What Antonio La Torre sees as the natural destination of Tokyo Project sprinter of yellow flame, back from fifth place of the 100 in Berlin. “But also without forgetting the 100,” says the new technical director. What adds, referring to the legendary record of Pietro Mennea dated September 12, 1979: “In this case, improving it is considerably more difficult …

In 2019 it may be too soon, but I wish it did not go much beyond the age of 40 …” The Tower also talks about Fausto Desalu after the great improvement of the Europeans. “I expect you to turn in the correct direction the fire of his ambitions.” PROJECTS – Even Gianmarco Tamberi makes the cards to its 2019 optimistically. It applauds the “ranking of the revolution” decided by the IAAF.

While Elena Vallortigara is more serene reviewing the film of its season, from 02.02 in London on the flop of the Berlin Europeans. “Next year I want to win a medal. In Glasgow or in Doha? A medal “. Alessia Trost points out that coach will not change and will remain in Ancona with Tamberi dad.

Eleonora Giorgi, however, began the long road to a new destination: the 50 km ride. “But I did already so many kilometers it before … I have so many reasons for this new challenge.” The Giorgi, together with Antonella Palmisano (which will remain instead on 20), will approach the promise away in the Italian championship of the 50 scheduled in late January, marching though only 35 km. A first significant test.

GREETINGS – The afternoon is dedicated to visiting the CONI president Giovanni Malago, which will reach the Water Sorrel – where the strong wind brought down a wall at lunchtime – a salute to the whole team. While some blues are carrying out tests at the Institute of Sports Medicine. The meeting will end tomorrow.

Meanwhile, today we await news on the physical conditions of Sara Dossena, in doubt for Sunday’s event at the New York Marathon. While Yeman Crippa will start tonight for Kenya for a month of preparation for the European cross: “The race that I feel? I 5000.

At the European Championships I understand that I have nothing less than the others, at least European ‘cross .. Nothing, however, for Yohanes Chiappinelli, bronze on the hedges in Berlin: “I was out for a month and a half for the knee. The World Cup? It will be a far cry from the Europeans. But we’ll try. ” Valerio Piccioni

July 17, 2018 – Milan Mehdi Bourabia with the shirt of Konyaspor. Ap The Sassuolo took the midfielder Mehdi Bourabia. Born in Dijon, but of Moroccan nationality, grew up in football in France, before moving to Bulgaria and then to the Turkish side Konyaspor, where neroverdi have taken for 3 million euro.

It is a median of physicality and position, which may contend for the place of central Magnanelli captain. Gasport

March 27, 2019 – Naples Allan, 28, in action against Brazil (AP) A match, the friendly with the Czech Republic, the protagonist to return to Brazil and find some extra motivation. There is no doubt that Allan merciless court of Paris Saint-Germain in January, has come to affect the performance of this median that has dragged against Napoli in the Champions League, in the fall, and then go out after.

In green and gold has found old friends in the know claim that the various Thiago Silva, Dani Alves Marquinos and we continued to press it to join him in Paris. The will of the player there is, now as in January, but then it’s up to the Qatari-owned club to bid for those that can not say no. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV “napoli there are” – In front of the cameras of SportMediaset, the Brazilian continued to profess the link with the Neapolitan square: “Future still blue? I hope so.

We have to watch our next opponents, we think of Rome and we want the three points at stake. Europa League? I do not know which team is favored, Arsenal and Chelsea are important formations like other formations still in play. We know what to do, we are focused. Final against Chelsea?

If it happens to the challenge of Sarri team, we will be ready to fight. ” That fight, a verb that Allan when he married well has turned into driver for Ancelotti’s team, who absolutely need that player to aim to reach the bottom of the Europa League. Now the countdown to London, with Arsenal, has begun: there are just two weeks. Gasport

December 15, 2018 – Milan, Italy does not miss a beat in the penultimate session of batteries to short-course World Cup in Hangzhou, China. Of all the Azzurri took to the water there is only cleared for 7/10 and yet it improves by 7 “, or Mimmo Acerenza in 1500 (ending tomorrow). Back the 4×200 women with Federica Pellegrini and record: a pink quartet lacked a final world from Istanbul 2012 and long course from Kazan in 2015 when it was silver.

The blue close fourth with the Italian record of 7’44 “82: 6 years ago in Istanbul Mizzau Alice, Alice Nesti, Diletta Carli and Federica Pellegrini touched in 7’46” 01. This time begins Margherita Panziera, remodeling of a second event at Bremen a few days ago and it’s up third in 1’56 “78.

Then Erica Musso swims 1’56 “13, leaving Faith in the lead in 1’54” 09 (second fastest fraction after the 1’53 “53 dell’iridata Australian Ariarne Titmus) and Simona Quadarella, 1’57” 82 swimming even next to the US Leah Smith. “It was a relay race a bit ‘unlikely, because Simon and I (Quadarella, ed) we are not specialists. We are especially delighted for the record, “he says dorsista Panziera. “This time I had never swam and I felt good, maybe stay close American good leads” continues Simon, silver in the 800. “I’m glad to be part of this relay and the record: I went on my standards, but now must do better “continues Erica Musso. “Time reflects those of this year.

I thought I would be going slower this morning. This afternoon will be a good race, but we are already well above the expectations we had for this relay team that in the past there is always well managed. This competition bodes well for the long course but in the afternoon we will try to improve “closes Federica, who goes hunting also his 50th medal and try to drag the 4×200 sl first podium at World Championship Short Course.

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