November 16 to 22, 2015 – Days after – Poor students – Analysis – Resumption -. There was no notepad last week. Yet he was almost ready with already analyzing tips on many topics. And of course this tragic event changed everything and made all the other news and small controversy in the derisory education. A week later, the consequences of the attacks still occupy news including educational. Even if we see some issues resurface, we still wait before the recall. Monday and days after Work is also a form of mourning. Or at least a way to hold off his own emotions. In bewilderment, despondency, grief, teachers in this very special weekend individually or collectively prepared the day Monday, and sought ways to accommodate students, engage, reassure them somehow, meet their questions. You have to read on their blogs, social networks or in the press, the testimonies of these teachers, moved and proud at the same time who say they have tried to do with their students and how the reactions of those above them have moved and impressed. This was my case, as was the case for many. Monday’s press releases and the Tuesday identified a large number of these reactions and reviews. One can also find there many resources produced and pooled some emergency (although, unfortunately, there had already experienced the attacks of January). The Pedagogical Notebooks have contributed to an inventory of resources and reflection on pedagogy to lead. Both pages have experienced a record attendance, which shows that they corresponded with others, a real need. Teachers returns also show how these moments are managed is varied from one institution to another. In some colleges or high schools, it was the opportunity of collective work among teachers with authentic backing of management staff. In other more, it seems, teachers were left to themselves. However, generally, the minute of silence has not resulted in many incidents. This is like saying the many commentators and actors of that time, the nature of these attacks: the split did not happen and those who were not "Charlie" did not have this time the same position. But we must also emphasize that the instructions given by the Ministry were much more subtle and seem to learn the lessons of January. In his letter, the Minister reiterated the need not to "flatten" a minute of silence without previous work and a necessary moment of expression and dialogue. We even invited to relativize any provocations. You still have to point out that despite these ministerial precautions, instructions level education authorities and institutions have not always had the same tone … We can not however agree with the teacher Lucien Marboeuf blogger recalling that in January the School was the center of all debates and criticism because of some incidents (overvalued?) during the minute of silence. We were even treated to a Senate inquiry on this subject …! Today, we can conversely "be proud of our school," said Louise as Tourret. The debate has shifted to other issues and the School is no longer the center of attention. Even if the school does not need be congratulated, as said Lucien Marboeuf, we must welcome the commitment of teachers in this difficult time. This also shows that before "transmit" and learn, it is necessary to reassure and create the necessary security for learning. Poor students in January, was put in custody of the kids who did not respect the minute’s silence … What will it be with the deputies? The session of "Questions to the Government" (QAG) Tuesday 17 resulted in a "sad spectacle". As told Le Monde: "The boos to no end, comments African fish at virtually every speaking of Manuel Valls, equity controversial speech … […] As for Christiane Taubira, she did not even have time to start responding to the Socialist MP Patrick Bloche (Paris) a "Bouuuuh" childish stood straight benches "If the new material that is the Moral and Civic Education is based largely on a pedagogy of the debate, I propose then that avoids using the QAG classroom videos to illustrate this practice … MPs seen by Daumier … this behavior was exemplary so little edgy several teachers bloggers. This is the case homework helper
of Lucien Marboeuf cited. And it is also that Mara Goyet makes them a perfect civic moral lesson on his blog The World. . Mara turns into "Father Duchesne" and calls MPs (!): "In recent days, there was a" national mourning ". It’s supposed to change a little your behavior, tact, change your habits a tad short, to hold you, if not good, at least better. I do not know if you know but children are watching you. Yes, these children whom you must not have words strong enough when they seriously out of hand during the minute of silence, delivered to officials and teachers lax leftists. They are watching you. […] And that they pose these questions? Well, sometimes, to us, the teachers. And there, you see, it is not nice of you, one is crap: the state does not pay us for someone to explain to children that some members lack any sense of dignity, decency and the holding that some elected stand like idiots and then go to preach to everyone. "Analyzes As we said above, for the moment there is little analysis of what happened that integrate the school. Dubet in The Pedagogical Cafe holds also put things in their place and to spread the responsibility of the School: "We must stop putting the school in 1st place of our charges and our responses. She’s not responsible for what is happening and can not alone make the killers came from Syria do not kill all over our streets. School failure is not explanatory. Remember that the perpetrators of September 11 were brilliant engineers. Admittedly, this terrorism is the first event of a war. The educational inequality, segregation are factors against which we must fight. But it is absurd to think that this is the cause of terrorism. ". In this context, for the sociologist the role of the school "it will be to present itself as a place of safety, soothing. At school one has to live normally. It must avoid stigmatizing Muslims the majority feels trapped in this story. […] The role of teachers is to resist. ". Curiously, at the minister of the economy that we find an analysis that offers a reflection on the role of the School from all other institutions of the French company. Emmanuel Macron has affirmed during a speech at the University of the Social Democratic group "The Gracchi" that French society had to assume "responsibility" in the "soil" on which jihadism could thrive. "The ground on which the terrorists were able to feed the violence to divert some individuals, it is that of distrust," he said. "We are a company in the heart of the pact there equality, we are a society that prevails on average equal much more than in other economies and other companies," noted the minister. But "we have gradually damaged the republican elitism open that allowed each and every move. We stopped mobility "social, he lamented." We have a responsibility, because totalitarianism feeds mistrust we have left to settle in society. It feeds this insidious leprosy that divides the minds, and if tomorrow we are not careful, it will divide even more. " Pierre Merle, also interviewed by The Pedagogical Cafe, said rather similar things. For him, the attacks challenge the School. First, by bringing to reactivate even the core values ??of the Republic. It is not enough, he said, to enact the "living together", it must be done live. And he recalls the urgency "to prevent radicalization and the murderous drift of young people lack identity, benchmarks and ideals, we must also rebuild the school. Despite the dedication and energy of teachers, our school central institution of socialization of young generations, fails sufficiently to integrate and promote the success of all. The reference to apartheid school is legally wrong but sociologically correct. Social segregation of the French school is great, the poor and immigrants are ghettoized. The inequality of educational achievement by social origin, continuous growth is the highest in Europe. This situation is not inevitable. Appropriate educational policies implemented successfully in other countries, are to rebuild the French school. The fight against ethnic and social segregation is an indisputable priority and paradoxically neglected. "Resumption of hostilities? The pain and bewilderment related attacks have temporarily removed the other topics of debate on the School. But the reading of social networks and news articles suggests to us that the truce was short-lived. We will discuss briefly some of the excesses that attempt vile parallels between attacks by Daesh and reform of college. The excess and the ignominy of the remarks permanently disqualify their authors. After a necessary period of mourning, it can however think that the debate will resume on the reform of the College and all other subjects. There is already talk of evasive strategy or to "grains of sand" … It will surely be quickly back to press releases Center. Just hoping that what we have just experienced lead to some more extent and restraint … Good Reading … Posted by Philip Watrelot Watrelot to Sunday, November 22, 2015

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